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Epoxy Countertops: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

May 17, 20233 min read

What are Epoxy Countertops

Unlike laminate, granite or quartz countertops, epoxy does not come in pre-made slabs that you can pick up from a supplier and have installed in your kitchen or bathroom. Rather, it’s a type of refinishing product that you buy in the form of an epoxy countertops kit and then use to refinish an existing material.

Note: You can find pre-made epoxy countertops but these are very costly

Consumers commonly place an epoxy countertop over laminate, wood, concrete, or ceramic that has become worn out. This creates a shiny, glossy finish and protects the surface underneath.

How are Epoxy Countertops Made

An epoxy countertops kit typically comes in a box or bottle that you apply to your kitchen countertops according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

There are many types of epoxies available but they all combine resin and hardener to produce a clear, durable solid. Typical instructions involve flooding the countertop material with a thin layer of epoxy as an initial seal. This prevents the formation of bubbles as you apply thicker coats later on in the process.

This is easier said than done, however; installing an epoxy countertop over laminate or other materials is a science and getting it wrong can easily negate any benefits one was anticipating.

Speaking of which, let’s explore the pros and cons of refinishing an old countertop with epoxy products.

Epoxy Countertops Pros and Cons



Are epoxy countertops durable? Yes — in some ways.

When done right, epoxy countertops provide a long-lasting and durable surface. Their non-porous nature means they’re resistant to moisture. The material is also resistant enough to heat, although you still need to use common sense and not place hot pots and pans on it.


Epoxy countertops provide a glossy look that can make cheap materials like laminate or worn-out wood seem more luxurious. In theory, this is great for recycling old countertop materials that epoxy bonds well to.

Unfortunately, this is where the advantages of epoxy countertops end.


Installation is Messy and Requires Great Expertise

While many epoxy countertops kit manufacturers would have you believe they’re a breeze to install, in reality they are a nightmare. Many an epoxy countertop review will show you how challenging they are to get right — even for experienced DIYers.

It’s very easy to make mistakes and end up with a surface that has air bubbles and lumps. Beyond this, the “self-leveling” nature of many kits means the epoxy will race towards the edges and drip off, making a mess of the work area.

This is especially a nightmare considering the next downside of epoxy countertops.

You Only Have One Shot

Many people are drawn to epoxy countertops by the hope of being able to create custom patterns and finishes. The issue? Unlike materials that you buy in slabs that have been pre-finished by professionals, you only have one shot with epoxy countertops.

Messing up doesn’t mean just going out and buying a new epoxy countertops kit; it also means having to buy a whole new surface to apply that kit to, and then hoping you don’t mess up that attempt as well.

That's where we come in, to learn about the industrial epoxy floor coating products and services we offer at Minneapolis Epoxy Services, give us a call today at (612)-662-6506.

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