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What is Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating And How Long Does It Last

May 16, 20232 min read

What is Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating and How Long Does It Last?

Adding an epoxy floor coating to your concrete surface in a commercial or industrial facility is a great way to provide the surface with premium protection. At Minneapolis Epoxy Services, we are your premier source for industrial epoxy floor coatings that provide superior protection and aesthetics to concrete floors.

Let’s look at epoxy floor coating and its expected service lifespan.

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

The coating itself consists of two parts, a resin and hardener. As a highly versatile product, epoxy floor coating is used extensively for industrial applications that involve heavy traffic and various types of activity and loads. It is also used to a lesser extent in residential applications. Epoxy floor coating provides exceptional hardness and comes in a range of colors. It requires minimal maintenance and functions as intended for a long time.

How Long Does Epoxy Floor Coating Last?

As a coating with high impact strength and abrasion resistance, epoxy floor coating is sometimes thought of as a type of coating that lasts a lifetime. Its service life is long, but not necessarily that long. The timeframe in which epoxy floor coating will perform as designed can depend on multiple factors, including concrete floor quality, epoxy thickness, surface prep, quality of topcoat, UV light exposure, and traffic.

In cases where minimal traffic is involved, such as in residential settings, epoxy floor coating may last up to three decades. However, this coating wears down faster when subjected to spills, accidents, and higher rates of vehicle traffic, such as occurs commonly in commercial and industrial settings. You can expect epoxy coating applications subjected to heavy traffic and other activity to function well for 5 to 10 years, or longer in some cases.

Maintaining Epoxy Coated Floors

Some maintenance tasks that can extend the service life of epoxy floor coating include spot cleaning, using a neutralizer, quick cleanup of chemicals, dust, mop, and vacuum, floor protection (plywood and mats), and clean ammonia.

To learn about the industrial epoxy floor coating products and services we offer at Minneapolis Epoxy Services, give us a call today at (612)-778-3221.

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