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Commercial Epoxy Flooring: Why Epoxy Flooring Is Great For All Kinds Of Businesses

May 17, 20232 min read

Commercial Use: Delivering Quality Flooring to All Kinds of Businesses

In a previous post we discussed what industrial epoxy flooring is and the benefits of it – making it ideal for other residential spaces such as swimming pool areas, entryways, recreational rooms, and more. But aside from residential, it’s time to delve into the commercial aspect of garage flooring coating – a solution that can drastically enhance your business’s property no matter what industry you’re in. Below we discuss just some of the many examples where garage floor coating has been used to enhance business spaces:

Hospital Interiors
Garage floor coating is ideal for hospital and nursing home interiors – providing employees with a solid surface that’s easy to clean, looks great and is ideal for transporting objects that roll.

Wine/Liquor & Grocery Stores
Garage floor coatings are also ideal for the grocery store environment – providing a clean aesthetic that helps your food and drink products stand out.

Offices + Breakrooms
Coatings even look great in the office environment – especially break rooms. If an accidental spill occurs, cleanup can be done effortlessly.

Auto Mechanic Shops
Commercial garages and coatings are a match made in heaven. Not only are they ideal in instances of spills, they handle impact and look great to visiting customers.

Business Exteriors
Business exteriors, especially restaurants, are greatly enhanced through coatings – making your business look great to your customers even before they step foot inside.

Airport Hangars
Garage floors with beautiful coatings help bring out an aesthetic element of innovation in the airport industry – making hangars looking beautiful and ideal for getting repair and maintenance work done.

Stadium interiors can greatly be enhanced through garage floor coating – allowing a lot of people to utilize a space at once, adequately handling traffic flow and making cleanup easy afterwards.

Recreational Gyms
Recreational areas such as gyms can be drastically improved through coatings – not only providing an enhanced visual aesthetic, but also improving the surface area that makes it that much better for bouncing a basketball.

Stairway quality is enhanced through the installation of garage floor coatings – providing stable surfaces for people to make their ways up and down.

Fair Grounds
A fair is an a local event that almost everyone loves to attend and what better way to improve fairground restaurant areas than through garage floor coatings?

To learn about the industrial epoxy floor coating products and services we offer at Minneapolis Epoxy Services, give us a call today at (612)-662-6506.

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